Teach A Class

Teach A Class

Looking for a place to hold your classes? North Light has 2,024 square feet of space available and various types of rooms to meet your needs including classroom space, a kiln room, kitchen, community room ideal for exercise classes, a gym, and computer lab.

North Light will:

  • Provide the location and insurance for your class
  • Provide publicity and web listing
  • Collect class fees and handle refunds to students
  • Educate prospective students about classes
  • Pay the instructor 50% of class fees at the end of the session

Instructors will:

  • Provide the content, equipment and supplies necessary to teach the class
  • If desired arrange for independently approved publicity
  • When necessary or desirable, answer questions from perspective students
  • Agree to teach the class if minimum enrollment is met (determined individually for each class)
  • Work with North Light to set class dates, times and max enrollment
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to prepare space as needed (i.e. directional signs, classroom, etc.)
  • Take attendance to ensure persons are enrolled; provide North Light with the names and contact information of anyone not on the roster to ensure enrollment and payment of fees
  • Make North Light aware if any changes to the class are needed.

For more information or to submit a class proposal form, contact Krista Wieder at kwieder@northlightcommunitycenter.org.