Renee Deas

Renee’s Background

Renee knew certain career opportunities were closed to her. Without experience, many employers were unwilling to hire a young person from her neighborhood. Philadelphia has long struggled with poverty and privilege co-existing in close proximity. “It’s a problem often among young people here,” notes economist Neeta Fogg, “If you start off detached from the labor market, you will never get in it.” For Renee, North Light Community Center would be the bridge to new experiences and opportunities.

What did North Light do?

In the 15 years Renee has been involved with North Light, she has participated in a range of activities that helped build her work ethic, her skills, and her vision for a bigger future. North Light staff coached and mentored her, provided her first college visits, and helped her gain experience through her first summer job. As part of the Summer Career Exploration Program, Renee learned how to write cover letters and resumes and found her experiences opened new doors for her.

Her Life Now

For many years Renee volunteered at North Light as a coach because she experienced the transformational power in her own life. She has completed college and entering a Master’s degree program for School Counseling. As a teacher and coach, Renee understands what it takes to succeed. Without support from North Light with high school homework, SAT prep, and work experience, she might be one of the many who struggle to lead productive and full lives. “I am truly blessed to be an active member of the North Light family,” Renee says. “Thank you.”

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