Puppets Are Coming to North Light

Lone Wolf Tribe is a multi-disciplinary performance company based in Brooklyn, New York, helmed by founding artistic director, Kevin Augustine. Harnessing the transformative power of visual storytelling and Augustine’s virtuosic talents as writer/ director, performer & sculptor, Lone Wolf Tribe’s signature feature is its breathtaking tribe of hand-carved, life-sized puppets.

Children’s Puppetry Workshop
Date: Sunday, March 10
Time: 10-11 am
Ages: 8-12 year olds
Cost: $25 ($20 North Light families)
The puppet assembly is a hands-on show and tell where the children learn the basics of the puppet arts, using their imaginations as well as collaborative techniques to bring the puppets Kevin brings to life.
They also come away with the skills to make their own puppets out of recycled materials.

Puppet Sculpting Workshop
Date: Sunday, March 10
Time: 12 noon -3:30 pm
Ages: 16 and up
Cost: $65 (Includes Materials)
Sculpt a unique character out of foam.
Learn techniques to bring your character to life.

About Kevin:
Lone Wolf Tribe productions have been performed internationally, published, commissioned, and archived in the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.