Yoga: Fun for the whole family!

Yoga: Fun for the whole family!

Contributor: Natashja Rinaldo, Unity Yoga

Unity. That is the purpose of yoga; to connect our mind, body and breath. Yoga has so many
positive outcomes for our children! This summer North Light campers had such a terrific time in
yoga class; we moved our bodies in ways that felt good– we stretched, we danced, played and
breathed. Here are just a few reasons why you should keep doing yoga, all year long.

5 Benefits of Yoga for Children:

  1. Aids in Physical Development: Children are growing, and yoga helps them create
    an awareness of their bodies. It improves their balance/coordination, strengthens
    their muscles and increases flexibility. All of which can decrease the chance of
    bodily injury over time.
  2. Increases Emotional Regulation: Yoga teaches children discipline, which in turn
    helps to lessen negative behaviors. Breathing exercises practiced in yoga
    classes result in a calming of their nervous system too. This reduces feelings of
    anxiety and worry and improves overall well being.
  3. Improves Memory & Concentration: Yoga allows children to slow down and be
    mindful. It requires focused attention, which then translates to improving their
    ability to concentrate. Imagine how much this skill would assist them in school!
  4. Boosts Self-Esteem: Children gain a sense of confidence when they try a new
    posture. They feel empowered and it reinforces to them that they can do
  5. It’s FUN: Children’s yoga classes are often filled with games, catchy tunes,
    sensory toys and more. Yoga allows children to be joyful, silly and creative; all in
    the name of health and fun.

    Now, take a few mindful moments and give Miss Natashja’s 5-Finger Breathing Exercise a

    For more information about yoga for children, connect with our partners on
    Instagram: @unityyogaguru or @namaste.natashja.

    Have a happy, healthy & peaceful school year.

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