Kids Can Cook Workshop

Keisha Prosser, aka the Mobile Cooking Teacher, is bringing fun back into the kitchen!

Classes are held at North Light on Saturdays for children ages 8 to 16 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm starting June 17, 2017.

The cost per class is $30. 

Please fill out the waiver and bring it to the first class.

About Chef Kei

Keisha Prosser has been in the Food Industry for over 18 years. She graduated from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College with a degree in Pastry Arts. Her mission is to teach over 200 young boys and girls how to cook healthy each year.

Sat., Oct. 14: Funnel Cake Day

Sat., Oct. 21: Salad Day

Sat., Oct. 28: Quesadilla Day

Sat., Nov. 4: Mini Cheesecake Day

Sat., Nov. 11: Cupcake Day

Sat., Nov. 18: Parfait & Granola Making in Mason Jars

Sat., Dec. 2: Breakfast and Brunch Day

Sat., Dec. 9: Baking and Measurements Day

Sat., Dec. 16: Lasagna Day