Alumni Spotlight: Renee Deas

My name is Renee Deas. Currently, I am a mental health therapist, a school clinician and and an Adjunct Professor. I attended North Light’s Summer Camp program when I was 11 years old. 

I participated in the co-ed basketball program  and any other program that resulted in me dedicating my time for community service. I became a Counselor-in-Training after I aged out of the Summer Camp program. While at Central High School, I used North Light as a resource to assist me with SAT prep and help with my homework.

I was intrigued by the Summer Career Exploration Program (SCEP) because of the career building skills I was taught, such as constructing a resume with very little work experience, interview readiness, and creating a cover letter. These are valuable skills that I did not receive from the high school I attended. 

I became a volunteer during my freshman year at college going into my sophomore year. North Light created the foundation for me to be successful in my careers. The skills I acquired earlier than my peers while being an active member of North Light’s programs have made me successful. 

My advice for young adults is to not take their time at North Light for granted. It is OK to have fun and interact with their peers. However, remember to be optimistic because when you focus on preparing yourself for the future, whatever skills you learn while at North Light you can use them later on in life. 

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