Healing Window Paintings Exhibit

mending-spirit_header Mending Spirit is a non-profit organization that brings art, art activities, and artists to where the spirit needs healing. Individuals who are “mending spirit” are repairing their life force and art plays a direct, positive role in that repair.

North Light is pleased to have one of their Healing Windows Paintings exhibit throughout the building. On loan until mid-December, the beautiful pieces have been strategically hung to optimize the natural light during the day and the building’s lighting at night.

Please stop in and see the exhibit. There will be reception on Sunday, November 6th, when you will hear from the artist, D’vorah Horn, ask questions and share some refreshments. At that time, you can register for a workshop the following Sunday, November 13th, where you can make your own Healing Window Painting.  You do not have to be an “artist” to make one.

D’vorah will guide you to create a painting that brings in light that heals, color that soothes, and movement that sparks. There will be no outlines to fill in or pictures to copy, but inspiring images will be provided. Feel how art has an impact. There is no way you can fail!