Weekend Party/Room rentals are available for 25 guests or less.
For more information please call Renee @215-483-4800, ext. 105. 

North Light has one full-sized gym, a new community room, and various rooms that are suitable and affordable to rent for social events, sports leagues, classroom instruction and meetings.

To inquire about a room rental, please fill out the brief inquiry form.


Our large gym can accommodate up to 347 people. It includes 5 basketball nets as well as women’s and men’s restrooms. This space can be used for sports games as well as fitness instruction. The price is $125 an hour with a $100 charge for the 2nd to the 4th hour and $50 for every hour after that.








Community Room

Formerly the smaller gym, the basketball hoops have been removed, the floor sanded and refinished, making the Community Room the perfect venue for a birthday party, baby shower, group meetings, or luncheon. Measuring 44′ x 40′, it’s 1,670 sq. ft. and holds up to 112 people. It has tables and chairs which can be used on request. Use of our new IKEA kitchen can also be included. The space is available for $100 an hour, and is $80 for each additional hour.


Weather permitting, when you rent the Community Room, you’ll have access to our KaBOOM! playground, which is open to the public. If you are interested in exclusive use of the playground, please contact Renée to discuss options and permitted activities.



Tots Room

The children’s room is available to those interested in teaching group classes and/or involved in childcare. The room offers two tables built for young children with seating. There is also a play area which encompasses several different types of toys for children’s amusement. A library for young children, along with a TV including a VCR and DVD player, radio, and computer also comes with the space. This room has plants, pet fish and several learning tools for those of school age.  This space is available for $65 an hour and $50 for each additional hour.

Computer Lab

The third floor computer lab has ten computer stations available for student use. Another computer for the instructor, at the head of the classroom, creates an ideal learning environment. Included is a small library of books and computer games. This space is $65 an hour with a $50 charge for each additional hour.

Assembly Room

Our Assembly Room, approximately 768 sq. ft., is a convenient space for conference meetings and instructional seminars during the day or evenings. The room includes a central conference table with power outlets, stackable chairs which can be configured differently depending on need as long as the room is returned to its original set up after use. A television with VCR and DVD access is available. The price is $65 an hour with a $50 charge for each additional hour.

Arts and Crafts Room

The Arts and Crafts room, approximately 544 sq. ft., includes 4 art tables with chairs arranged around a dry erase board perfect for class instruction. There is a sink in the room for convenient cleanup. This space is $65 an hour with a $50 charge for each additional hour.