Campers Make Clouds on a Sunny Day


The three to five year olds in North Light Community Center’s summer camp did their first water activity with Melena Murphy, the Environmental Educator from the Fairmount Water Works. The environmental education curriculum for camp’s theme of “Water, Water, Everywhere!” is supported by the Green Schools, Clean Water Initiative of the Philadelphia Water Department, “Understanding the Urban Watershed.” Assistance with the lesson came from Kim Wood, Project Manager for Destination Schuylkill River.

While learning about cumulus clouds, the children used pipettes to drop food coloring onto their “clouds” of shaving cream in beakers and watched how it disbursed, an example of water being absorbed through clouds, resulting in a “rainstorm” in the jars. The activity was part of an overall discussion of the water cycle. Campers will learn more about the cycle when they go on a field trip to the Fairmount Water Works next week.

There’s still time to enroll your children in North Light’s summer camp and be part of the fun for the next seven weeks. Call John Jacobs at 215-483-4800, x108 for all the information.